Who Are We?

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Who Are We?
The Spirit of Afre-Kh!
Board of Trustees
Ms. Michelle Joseph
Mr. Runoko Rashidi
Professor Niyi Coker
Ms. Ronke Babalola
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FeelNubia.com is a virtual cultural agglomeration of Nubian people; an on-line forum for challenging, motivating and celebrating Africoid culture wherever it is found in the world. We join in the struggles; celebrate the triumphs, similarities and diversities; identify with and embrace all people of African descent from the Nilo-Saharan, Niger-Kordofanian and Khoisan cultures of the Mother-land to the Afro-Asiatic, across to the indigenous Australasians and black Latin American cultural groups.


We define the name NUBIAN in the broadest possible terms. By NUBIA, we mean 'Black', 'African', 'of Africa', 'Brown'-skinned, 'Afrocentric', 'Afrilosophy'. By FEEL, we refer to our spirituality and we invite the earth to experience and be moved by the richness that we add to the globe.


It is well known that the origin of man is traced to Africa. What is less well known is how much of the original African cultural influence and spirit spread through the migration of the first Africans to every continent on the earth, how that culture has evolved, transformed, impacted upon the history of mankind and continues to survive through its journey. Many people of African descent are still engaged in a peculiar fight for their right to life and self actualization in diverse political and socio-economic contexts, alone and without validation.


TO INSPIRE all persons of African heritage into ONE NUBIAN NATION that transcends skin tone or hue, geographical boundaries, religious affiliation or ethnic tongue.
TO INCLUDE all persons of African descent in the journey to re-discovering ourselves as one people bound by history, beliefs, values and a rich heterogeneous cultural heritage.
TO GATHER ideologically all dark skinned people with a strong sense of identity, togetherness, belonging, hope and pride in ourselves.


"Our union must know no clime, boundary, or nationality… let us hold together under all climes and in every country…" -- Marcus Mosiah Garvey

"We need to tell our children our own stories from our own perspective… African science stories [have been] retold by European historians… relocated… to Greece."
Phillip Emeagwali - Recipient 1989 Gordon Bell Prize, which has been dubbed the “Nobel Prize of Supercomputing.”

"Africans... [must] be inspired to move out of the victim mentality and claim the space in the world that Africa so rightly deserves."
Patricia de Lille - Leader of the Independent Democrats, South Africa

"The history of the black race is a tale of spectacular resilience, courage in the face of unimaginable adversity and TRIUMPH, all the while upholding her integrity, identity and obdurate value system. Africa has been maligned and preyed upon repeatedly over the course of human history. Her civilizations, contributions and culture of community have been plagiarized, disdained and discarded. Her cities and villages have been purloined, mothers and sisters raped and wealth carted off by armadas conveying men armed with strange and potent weapons. For centuries, foreign palaces have been built on the strength of African backs, watered by the blood of her sons and embellished with riches from her belly. Today she is still reviled, attacked, disowned, denied. Through it all, is Africa unbowed? Does she survive? Does Africa hold fast to her faith...still? Then she is the head, not the tail; the victor, not the vanquished; her people a model of the true human spirit - the expressed image and likeness of God!"
Ronke Babalola - Executive Director, Feel Nubia

"The danger of the single story" - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


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